Keeping Precious Memories Safe

Memories worth keeping.

Memories worth keeping.

Because today will never come round again.

Because today will never come round again.

One precious day. Preserved forever.

One precious day. Preserved forever.

A day full of memories

A day full of memories

Do you know some who is getting Married , having a Baby or has a Special event coming up?

IF THAT'S A YES ! - give them an ever lasting present

Save the moment with a Memory Pocket Box

Strong and robust your box is ready for a lifetime of storing precious memories dear to you.

The generous size box gives you the opportunity to store physical objects.

Our unique Pocket in the lid lets you keep loads of documents up to A4 size safe and crease free.

The 3GB flash drive which is included can hold over 900 photographs.

The Memory Pocket Box makes a perfect gift for friends or for yourself to keep those precious memories safe.

  • Weddings
  • Graduation
  • Engagement
  • Births
  • Honeymoon
  • Retirement
  • Christening
  • Any special occasion!

Inside the Lid

The Memory Pocket Box has a unique feature to help you keep your memories together. Inside the lid is a pocket designed to keep certificates and other documents neat and tidy and crease free.

Digital Memories

Inside the lid is a memory stick that you can use to save vidoes, photographs and other digital media. Keep every memory together in one place so they are easier to find and harder to lose!

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